Purple Tough-1 Horse Size Rawhide Noseband Poly Nylon Rope Halter W/ Lead
MATERIAL : Poly Nylon. SIZE : Horse Size. Fully adjustable poly nylon rope halter complete with 10' lead. Rawhide wrapped nose with horsehair tassel at cheek knot and at end of lead. The throat knot should touch the horse's throat...
Tough 1 Double Ply Nylon Break Away Horse Size Halter Single Ply Leather Purple
Nylon halter features double ply nylon throughout. Leather overlay with single ply leather crown for safety. The leather will break under stress leaving you worry free when letting your horse out to pasture with its' halter on.
Tough 1 Nylon Padded Horse Halter With Satin Hardware Purple
Double ply nylon halter with padded nose and crown. Adjustment at crown and nose. Complete with snap at throat.
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