32 Oz Pyranha Zero Bite Horse Natural Insect Repellent
Mother Nature's most powerful natural flea and tick fighterContains proven effective clove and peppermint oils; ZERO chemical pesticidesSmaller 4 oz size is perfect for travel and on the goFormerly Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Flea & Tick SprayMade in the USAPyranha Zero-Bite...
$31.95 $21.99
Durvet Horse Dewormer Care Pyrantel Paste Syringe 23.6Gm
Durvet Pyrantel Paste gel dewormer for horses contains 43.9% w/w pyrantel pamoate for the removal and control of mature infections of large and small strongyles, pinworms and large roundworms in horses, ponies and foals as young as 2 months of...
16 Oz Limber up Cooling Horse Liniment Gel
Formulated with all-natural ingredients for a cooling effect.Thick gel consistency for easy application.Designed to enhance suppleness and increase range of motion.Alleviates general aches and joint stiffness.Relieves muscle, tendon, and ligament soreness.Introducing our all-natural cooling liniment, meticulously formulated into a thick...
$39.95 $17.90
Starbar Horse Fly Relief Disposable Effective Fly Trap
Fly Relief Disposable Fly Trap from Starbar has an easy-to-open, easy-to-use fly trap has built-in attractant tube to keep your hands clean while baiting the trap. The highly effective, patented attractant contains 3 fly feeding stimulants plus a powerful sex...
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