10" Hilason Western Chrome Plated Breaded Leather Noseband W/ 10" Cheeks
SIZE : 10 inch noseband and 7-3/4 Inch Cheeks. This is Hilason western Horse tack CP 10" Braided leather noseband with 10 inches Cheeks.
8-1/2" Hilason Rubber Covered Chain Noseband Hackamore Mechanical Curb Chain
TYPE : Hackamore Bit. SIZE : 8-1/2 inch Cheeks. This is Hilasons Chrome plated steel mechanical hackamore with rubber covered bicycle chain 8-1/2 Cheeks together with curb chain. It is quite popular in Roping and Barrel Racing because of the...
4.5" Centaur Stainless Steel Jointed Tom Thumb Pelham Horse Bit W/ Cheeks
COLOR: STAINLESS STEEL SIZE: 4.5 In.Each side of the bit is perfectly balanced to assure total comfort and response. Lost wax cast and hand polished from the highest grade of 18/8 Stainless Steel. Lifetime guarantee against rust.
Hilason Western Leather Band Horse Mouth Steel Hackamore Bit W/ Curb Chain
This is Hilason Western Stainless steel horse mouth hackamore bit with curb chain and hooks and leather band. It has Cable Slobber Bar.
Hilason Western Leather Pipe Covered Hackamore Bit W/ 8" Cheek
Cheek : 5 Inches Width : 2.5 InchesThis is Hilason western leather covered pipe hackamore bit.
Hilason Solid Brass Horse Mouth Hackamore Bit W/ Natural Leather
Nose : 7.5 Inches Cheek : 7 InchesThis is Hilason western solid brass horse hackamore bit with natural leather covered
Hilason Western Horse Hackamore Bit With Pipe Covered Mouth
Shank : 8 Inches Width : 7 InchesThis is Hilason western horse hackamore bit with plastic pipe covered mouth.
8-1/2 Inch Hilason Ss Horse Hackamore Bit Curb Chain Rubber Nose Cheek
TYPE : SS Rubber Nose Hackamore. SIZE : Horse 8-1/2 in. Cheeks. This is a Stainless Steel Hackamore bit with Gum Rubber Noseband and 8-1/2 in. Cheeks together with curb chainA hackamore is commonly used on speed event horses or...
Tough-1 Stainless Steel Flat Leather Nose Horse Hackamore Bit
Color: BrownSize: 5 in MouthTough 1 Stainless Steel Flat Leather Nose Hackamore 8" long, Stainless Steel cheeks. 10 1/2" Leather noseband. Mouth: 5" Color: Brown Size: Horse
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