Starbar Captivator Reusable Insecticide Fly Trap Jar
Captivator Fly Trap from Starbar – Insecticide-free trap features a break-resistant, reusable jar which holds up to 20,000 flies. Patented formula contains 3 feeding attractants plus a fly sex pheromone that flies can't resist. For outdoor use only. Each 2...
$25.95 $21.95
Starbar Horse Fly Relief Disposable Effective Fly Trap
Fly Relief Disposable Fly Trap from Starbar has an easy-to-open, easy-to-use fly trap has built-in attractant tube to keep your hands clean while baiting the trap. The highly effective, patented attractant contains 3 fly feeding stimulants plus a powerful sex...
Starbar Horse Insectiside Hazardous Chemicals Fly Stick Trap
Starbar Fly Stik trap features amazingly sticky Fly-Glo™ paper that contains muscalure, a scientific formulation of a naturally secreted fly sex pheromone that doubles its attracting power.No poisons, insecticide vapors or hazardous chemicals. Safe for use around animals, kids and...
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