4 3/4 in Compositi Horse Stirrups Jockey Training Exercise Black
Size: 4 3/4 in Color: BlackLightweight stirrups feature a wide non-slip foot base for added rider security and comfort while race training.
Compositi Reflex 3D Swivel Action Wide Track Horse Stirrups - Grey
Compositi Reflex 3D Swivel Action Wide Track Horse Stirrups - Grey
SIZE: 4-3/4Any rider that wants to relieve tension on knees and ankles needs to try these irons. Made of one of the strongest hi-tech polymers produced by DuPont®. The integrated 3D swivel action treads are positioned on a shock absorbent...
One Size Compositi Horse Stirrups Spikes Stirrup Tread Black
Size: One Size Color: BlackAdjustable to fit most adult irons. Enjoy the benefits of large treads for stability, spiked surface for added grip in all weather conditions. Shock absorber cushioning softens impact and relieves tension in the knees and ankles....
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Compositi Horse Stirrups Reflex 3D Swivel Action Wide Track
With anti-slip surface, Colour: Black/BlackWipe clean, break-proof and rustproof qualityWith built-in reflectors for evenings and at dusk visibility.An integrated 3D swivel tread that adapts your point of footThe Profile of the kick for in an emergency is cooked as fast...
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